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Memory Loss and Who It Effects

johanlb via Flickr

Experiencing memory Loss can be a frightening and disorientating experience for the many people it affects. This week the Daily Mail online reported that, according to  recent research, losing your memory as you get older may be reversible. Scientists say that they have identified neurons which damage the ability to form medium-term memories when not functioning properly. They say that by stimulating these  neurons,  a person’s memory may be restored. There are many different kinds of memory loss problems that a person can experience- it can be partial or total, and it is normal in older people (70 and older). Sudden memory loss can be caused by a brain trauma, a stroke, epilepsy, extreme mental illness, meningitis or alcoholism and may be permanent or temporary. When caused by medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, the memory loss is gradual and tends to be permanent.

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