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How Much Alcohol is Too Much?

Merrick Brown via Flickr

A new campaign was launched yesterday by to encourage people in Ireland to drink at their own pace. The campaign is the second leg  of’s “Rethinking Our Drinking” initiative was launched on March 11th, 2010. The campaign tries to encourage people who drink to be responsible and to avoid abusing alcohol with impactful TV advertisement. It looks specifically at how people drink in Ireland- young people often drink more on a night out to keep up with their friends who may have a higher alcohol tolerance or to not appear like a “lightweight”. The ad shows a number of young people drinking socially while a second pair of hands forces them to drink more alcohol than they really want to. The ad is very accessible to younger people in that it promotes going out with friends and drinking while encouraging the viewer not to follow someone else when it comes to how much they drink. The ads attempt to make people re-think their drinking behaviour.’s also ran a  Rag Week ‘Rethinking our Drinking’  which cleverly incorporates the student’s night out with image of the effects of alcohol. For this campaign, images of passed out people were shown in cubicles which is where most people start to become aware that they are starting to get inebriated- away from the loud music and laughter.

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