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Innovative New “I’ll Quit When I’m 30” Campaign Launched

tallmariah via flcker

“I’ll Quit When I’m 30.” – A phrase common among smokers today who are not quite ready to give up the cigarettes. Many young people are putting giving up smoking on the long finger in the belief that if they give up before their 30th birthday, they can reverse the damage smoking has done to their body. Now this demographic is being targeted  in a new anti-smoking campaign created by the Irish Cancer Society which emphasizes the effects that smoking can have on looks. It’s no secret that most people start smoking during their formative years.  Many teenagers begin the habit smoking due to being bombarded  by images of people in the media who they aspire to be like-  people who look impossibly independent, glamorous and skinny while inhaling on a cigarette.  They make this connection between smoking and looking sophisticated.

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